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Take-It Too in the news!

Plenty has happened since our last Take-It Too study blog post. Phase 2 of the study successfully launched and is underway. We are also laying the groundwork for the launch of Phase 3. In addition, our website has a fresh coat of paint, so for those interested in helping out with Phase 2, visit our Eligibility Page.

Oh, before I forget, did we mention that our study made the news? Well, it did and below you will find all the links. A special shout out to Dr. Bethany Foster, one of our Principal Investigators and Ms. Audrey Grenier, our Patient Collaborator for sharing their perspective with the greater Montreal region.

During their interviews, both shared their knowledge on the challenges faced by many young kidney transplant recipients. They were also asked to share how technology can help improve medication adherence. As you know, our lives are busy, this can make it easier for us to forget to take medication. See how both Dr. Foster and Ms. Grenier use technology to help study and improve medication taking.

Happy Reading and Go Team!

New tech helps teen transplant recipients take their meds

CTV News, published 2 April 2018

Tackling adherence to treatment on several fronts

MUHC Newsroom, published 27 March 2018

S'attaquer au problème de l'observance médicamenteuse sur plusieurs fronts

CUSM Nouvelles, publié le 27 mars 2018

TAKE-IT: une méthode novatrice pour éviter les rejets

TVA Nouvelles, publié le 27 mars 2018

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