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What’s new with TAKE-IT TOO?

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

TAKE-IT TOO officially started in Sept. 2016. Since our launch, much has been accomplished! The first step was to get all study personnel in place. Then, we created all the necessary documents for the study, and underwent review by the ethics committees at all sites. We have also almost completed the computerized database in which we will store all study data.

Another big activity was the preparation of the focus group plans and training of the focus group facilitators. The Pittsburgh site coordinated the training for all the facilitators. Once everyone was trained, and the infrastructure was in place, we started enrolling participants.

Focus groups began in March 2017 and are on going.

The first Stakeholder Advisory meeting will be held in Spring 2017.

The Vaica design team has begun to consider design options for a new e-pillbox based on feedback from the TAKE-IT study.

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