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Updated: Dec 26, 2019

Transplant recipients need to take medications daily for the rest of their lives to keep their transplanted organ healthy. This may seem simple, but medications must be taken on a strict schedule to work properly. Missing medications may quickly lead to rejection. Fitting medication-taking into a daily routine can be particularly challenging for young people with busy schedule of school, sports and other extra-curricular activities. Taking medications on time, every time requires planning, good organization, and support.

TAKE-IT TOO is a novel study aimed at adapting the successful TAKE-IT adherence-promoting intervention for use in the ‘real world’. The TAKE-IT intervention focused heavily on the use of a multi-dose electronic pillbox. This pillbox was used to monitor adherence, but also to provide feedback and text-message dose reminders to patients. Some patients really liked the box, but many found it cumbersome. It was large and not portable. This type of technology has the potential to help people, but it needs to be usable. A major goal of TAKE-IT TOO is to design a new e-pillbox specifically for active young people. To get the design right, it is critical to have the input of the young people who would use it. TAKE-IT TOO will work with young transplant recipients to design a device that meets their needs.

Technology also must meet the needs of the healthcare professionals working to keep transplant patients healthy. These nurses, doctors, pharmacists, social workers, and others must be able to easily access accurate information about their patients’ medication-taking. This information will help them determine when their patients need extra support, and what kind of support will be most useful. To make sure a monitoring system meets the needs of healthcare professionals, it is important to have the input of the professionals who will use it. TAKE-IT TOO will work with healthcare professionals to design a monitoring, tracking and reporting system that meets their needs.

"Excellent medication adherence in young people requires a multi-pronged approach, with a strong support system. Take-IT TOO ensure that the tools available to support excellent adherence are right for young people." - Dr. Bethany J. Foster -

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